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Pay Per Click Packages

Have a look at our PPC Package.

$149Fixed Monthly
$399Fixed Monthly
$599Fixed Monthly
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Adbudget Limit Upto $700/ month
Minimum $149 and 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
$700 - $6000/ month
Minimum $399 and 12% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
$6000 and Above per month
Minimum $599 and 10% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
Ad Network 1 2 All
No. of Keywords 120 250 500
Text Ads
Banner Ads 1 3 5
No. of Adgroups 10 20 50
GEO Targeting Setup
Setup Conversion Code
Ad Copy Creation Upto 3 Ad Copies Per Ad Group Upto 4 Ad Copies Per Ad Group Upto 6 Ad Copies Per Ad Group
Campaign Management Yes Yes Yes
Competitor analysis
Ad copy Management
Budget Management
Competitor analysis
Keyword Management
Landing page consultation
Landing Page Design
CTR Analysis
A/B Testing
Bid Optimization
Analytics Setup Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Setup Basic Basic Advanced
Traffic Statistics Analysis
ROI Management
Goal Conversions Code Implement
Reports and Support Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Reports
Traffic Reports
Conversion Report
E-Mail Support
Skype/Phone Support
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All PPC Package include:

  • Paid Search Advertising.
  • Display Advertising.
  • Shopping Campaigns.
  • Smart Advertising.
  • Video Ads.
  • App Promotion.

PPC packages

Frequently Asked Questions.

PPC is abbreviated for pay-per-click. The abbreviation stands as a model of internet marketing. In internet marketing, the advertisers have to pay a fee. The fee is paid only on clicking the ads. The number of times the advertisers click on the ads; the fee is paid in the same way. Rather than organically attaining to “earn,” it is a method to concentrate visits to your site. In a search engine’s sponsored links, PPC allows advertisers to place a bid for ads and count the business offering from then. Here, the publisher can either be a website owner or a network of websites.

PPC campaigns or Pay-per-click campaigns is a wholesome concept to effective advertisements. From adding PPC keywords to negative keywords, split ad words, reviewing costly PPC keywords and refining landing pages, PPC campaigns make sure that every bit of an ad is constructed properly. If you are concentration more on paid search account, campaigns play a selective and highest-level role. Bing Ads or single Ad Words may account for only one campaign. PPC campaign demands logic, relevancy, and organized content for placing the bids at high stakes. If any of the three elements fall short, then it would not draw traffic. Paid search management campaigns can also be ensured through online services.

The benefits of PPC can be outlined in various ways. There are some proven pints that amount to successful search engine marketing strategy. PPC yields fast results, which are much needed for small businesses to grow. PPC is the fastest way to run an advertising campaign to get instant results. As you can measure the profits, costs, visits, and clicks, you can learn how much you have spent and is it a loss or profit. You need to determine this that helps in growing on the faulty part. PPC campaign formulates that particular segment that needs to be set in for right audiences. PPC recognizes the brand, opens doors to local customers, budget-friendly, and a great tool for functionality and rich reporting. All these characteristics facilitate growth in business.

An ad impression is the number of times your ad has been attributed to a potential viewer. The ad might be a text link or a banner or button. The impression is run on anywhere in the world. The number of times the image has appeared on any desktop screen is denoted as an ad impression. To purchase advertising, this is the most dangerous way. An ad click is a real number which brings out the number of times a user has taken his cursor to your advertisement image. How many times the mouse click has been tapped on that image is also calculated. Unlike the impression, this is an advantageous way for the advertisers to purchase advertisements. Ad click determines the number of actual visitors visited your site.

PPC marketing is an exclusive nomenclature for people to search for your products or search engines or services. You should use Pay-per-click marketing not because it will earn you money but because it will let the viewers receive the ads strategically. PPC advocates marketing to search for your business. It can yield you immediate results. The entire working of the PPC marketing depends on the first look. If you get into a store and obtain at first sight that you have desired for, it will make you happy. Similarly, PPC marketing enables searchers to view what they have typed. PPC marketing pulls in quality traffic. Pay-per-click marketing increases lead to revenue and sales.

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